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Quest for the Golden Apple Game Creator Experience

Quest for the Golden Apple Game Creator Experience

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Design Document / planning / brainstorming
The Castle
The document link above is my game design document. When I was planning this game, I had the idea of having an invasion of some type. I then made a castle where you had to invade and then go to a cave system where it would be a maze. You would then have to go through 2 parkour levels and then take a mine cart to a forest, where you would battle mobs until you reach the pillar and from there on you eat the golden apple, saving everyone from the kingdom and you now can start your own colony!

Development of the Game
I chose a world where there was a deep crater, where it would have the forest. I planted as many trees as possible so it could be a maze. Then I created the castle, and underneath it the dungeon. Fortunately, there was already a developed cave system. I explored as much as possible of it to make it a proper maze. I created a temple and soon cleared out a giant opening where there was no end to it. After that, I installed a starting place where players could start in. I established the river as a trail to the forest from the underground.

The Beta Testing process / receiving peer feedback
I received feedback that the extra details were very professional and that the castle was amazing. They said that the game play also felt engaging to them.

Improving / Iterating on the Game
 I made some edits to my original world such as spawners, extra details, traps, and NPC's. All of this overall improved game play and made everything more exciting.

Challenges encountered / how you overcame them
I had problems with Redstone where sometimes, my invention did not go as planned or did not work at all such as doors. I then resolved it with a few websites and now everything is working properly. I then had to have a castle design that was sophisticated and seemed complex to the player. I had to go through many edits and iterations to find the perfect castle design. I also had problems with the pillar that they had to climb, which looked unprofessional. I then spiced things up by making it more intimidating to the player when they approach it.

Aha moments and feelings of accomplishments through the process.
I had an aha moment when I found out that there was a perfect cave system right under the castle where I could use it as a maze. I also found out that there was a river that leads to the forest and that made it the perfect trail to the forest and making it a better experience. Some feelings of accomplishments that were felt were when I finished construction of the castle, establishing the cave system as a maze, finishing the temple and parkour, and obviously, finishing the game.

Detailed Walkthrough

Hideout from outside
Throne inside Castle
You first spawn in a cave hideout, where the king, some servants, and a medical team are standing in. There are droppers where it would give you the necessary items for your adventure once you leave the hideout. There are detailed instructions that are given with signs or NPCs. You go out and follow the broken path and torches (better follow the torches, they are the main guidelines) and soon a castle comes into view. You go to the front gate and you set a TNT and it blows open the front gate. You enter and you fight with many mobs that are guarding the castle the king once owned. You try to find a button or switch and other equipment in the four shelters and go to the throne. You activate the throne and the throne opens and you fall into the dungeon. You fight prison guards and go to the warden's office where you hit a lever and it opens a secret door and you enter the cave system. You go through the cave fighting zombies until you find sea lanterns that guide the way or you find the temple yourself. You then go right through a wall of lava that if you do it right, you can pass through barely harmed. You do some sketchy parkour that has the end right under your feet (picking up a switch in a chest along the way) and soon opens another secret door. You do another set of parkour but this time in a narrow lava hallway. After that, you go to a mine where you find a switch to open a door that lets you access the mine to go out. You take a mine cart and go to the surface until you reach a dead end. You go down the hill and there is a dock and you embark on a river to another dock waiting for you on the destination. You go into a hut and soon you leave to go enter the forest. There you follow the torches until you go to the top of a hill, overseeing the dense forest and there is a pillar in the distance. You must enter the forest and brave against the mobs until you reach the tower where you go up it and open a chest. Inside is a golden apple and mine carts. You eat the golden apples and you soon revive all humans in the whole wide kingdom. You jump into a water source and soon take a mine cart to a railroad where it leads you safely out of the forest and soon you finish the game. You could either finish the game or start your own colony with the open country right in front of you.
Giant Shaft connecting all Caves

Cave System

Temple Entrance

Shaft leading to the Parkour

Other side of the lava wall

Floating Parkour

The end of the Island Parkour

Shaft leading to the lava parkour

Lava Parkour

The Mineshaft

End of the lava Parkour

Minecart rail back to the top

The dock

Rails above ground leading to dock

The river leading to the forest

Wall Barrier to prevent players from going to other territory

Destination Dock

Pillar in the Forest
Pillar in the Forest

Pillar in the Forest

Pillar in the Forest

Chest that contains the Golden Apple

Rail to Freedom
Rail from Pillar to Freedom

Rail to Freedom

Rail to Freedom

Sign at the the point of freedom!

What's inside a tent

What is inside a house

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