Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Automatic Armor Equipper

Automatic Armor Equipper

By: Vincent Cui
In minecraft, I built a Minecraft armor equipper. This machine can help you to quickly gain a full set of armor and quickly put it on. It comes with handy signs also to show which dispensers to fill when you are refilling it with armor. There is 2 Redstone dust that is placed down since they are used to activate the dispensers which thus give you the armor quickly. All it takes is to just press one button and you instantly get a full set of armor.

 The pictures on the right-hand side are what's inside the dispensers.
It seemed straight forward to make, but it took me around a week to design and create a design that was a simple and as reliable as possible. One challenge i had was with the Redstone dust and I realized from youtube videos that I could have Redstone as shown in the picture above and it would still activate the dispensers.

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